August 8, 2016

Member Highlight: Vashti Daise

Vashti Daise is a high school math and science teacher and has been blessed to live a life full of adventure! One of the best compliments she has ever received is when several of my students recently agreed that they "want to be Mrs. Daise when they grow up!" Her students get to hear of her many fun adventures living on a sailboat, swimming with whale sharks, studying sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica, and traveling to various countries, and they see that at the age of 53, she has published her first books. She always tells them, "See, being 'old' can still be exciting!" 

Vashti owes her adventurous spirit to her parents who were always taking us off on some fun adventure. Some of those adventures included: moving to Nigeria to teach for two years, fossil hunting, camping, finding edible wild plants and creating homemade radio shows. She  had a wonderful time growing up with her family, who were full of creative pursuits. She also contributes her spirit to her husband, Larry, who is always up for something new! He also recently wrote a great sailing novel, "Seeking the Green Flash", which is LOOSELY based on our life aboard the "Lazy Daise" (good name, huh?)

To find out more about Vashti or about her writing, please visit her website at or visit her Facebook page at

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