March 1, 2017

Jill Perkins Young Writers Contest Winners Announced

The entries are in and we have selected the winners of our 9th annual contest for the young writers from Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. The winners will receive a cash prize at the St. Joseph Writers Guild monthly meeting at 1 P.M.on March 18th at the Rolling Hills Library (1904 N Belt Hwy, St. Joseph, MO).

And the winners are:

1st place: Jo’Anna Harris with “Fourth of July” 
(Benton High School Senior)  

2nd place: Matthew Baig with “Paper Boy”
 (Benton High School Junior)

3rd place: Gracie Bradley with “Dance Competition” 
(Bode Middle School 7th grade)  

Short Story
1st place: Elizabeth Reynolds with “The Thing Under the Rug” 
(Benton High School Junior)

2nd place: Eli Embray with “The Diaries of The Lonely” 
(South Park Christian Academy Sophomore)

3rd place: Emma Rule with “Sirens on a Neighboring Street” 
(Chillicothe Middle School 8th grade)

1st place: Shaya Force with “Being an Introvert”
 (Benton High School Senior) 

2nd place: Braden Hensley with “Nativism and the Negative Effect It Has on Our Country” 
(Benton High School Senior)  

3rd place: Baileigh Castandeo with “Does Having a Negative Body Image Change Your Perspective on the World Around You?” (Benton High School Junior)