August 2, 2016

Member Highlight: David Noe

When David was younger, he never knew if he would ever be a published writer. He did, however, know he was going to be a writer. No matter what else he was, he would be a writer. But life, being what it is, often got in the way, and writing was difficult to commit to, even with a burning desire to do so. So, in January of 1996, he started up his own small press magazine called, TYPO Magazine. It was just eight pages of stories and poems, but it gave him and other an outlet. More importantly, it gave him a deadline. If he was to publish this magazine, he would need enough content to fill it every single month. Happily, he has been producing Typos for all these years, never missing a single month in all this time. After some near misses in the early 2000’s, wherein he had two books published before the company nearly went bankrupt and had to change formats, he finally found a competent and valuable and local editor and publisher, Amazing Things Press.

To date, he has had several books published in varying genres, often thanks to the years of toiling in the wilderness with Typo. Dave grew up on a small farm in Helena, Missouri, a non-incorporated village in Andrew County. After some college at Missouri Western State College, he moved to Gower, Missouri, a slightly larger small town located between St. Joseph and Kansas City. He is married and has two grown daughters. He rents property and apartments and mobile homes and works part time at a local convalescence center in order to pay the bills. David was born on Valentine’s Day, and he puts his heart into everything that he writes.

For more information on David and his portfolio of work, visit his website at or check out his Facebook page at

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