September 21, 2016

Member Highlight: Melody Schaefer

Melody Schaefer has been married since birth. (Not really, but that's what she likes to tell everyone.) She has a married son with 3 beautiful children. Also, she has a daughter who is married with 2 adorable boys.  They both live close by and she delights in having them over for sleepovers once a month. Sometimes, they sleep out on the deck where they stargaze until the sandman visits us.

Currently, Melody is working in a bank as a customer service representative. If she has downtime there, she draws characters and color them. Also, she labels herself as an amateur gardener, a wine enthusiast, a world traveler, and now, children's book author and illustrator. Life is certainly fun for her and has taught her that you are never too old to dream a new dream!

For more information about Melody and her works, please visit her website at

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